I Eat Nice Things started in 2011, because I ate nice things and blogging was the thing to do with your household hobbies back in those days, y’know. Since then it’s been through a lot, several hundred free WordPress themes (none that I’m ever too impressed by), it’s been used and abused as a medium through which I tried to win a Corden Bleu scholarship, which I gave up on after two rounds, deciding to pursue art instead (which I have since recently, in turn, given up). I Eat Nice Things enjoyed a brief boom in July 2011, with my page hits reaching up 3962 on my record-breaking day, this was during the recipe book writing days, and the days of foodgawker actually accepting my photography submissions.

It is a blog I write for my own foodie enjoyment so I make no promises of regular posts or anything like that. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll transform it into a cute little cooking website and make an attempt to get it ‘out there’, when I can be arsed.

For now, enjoy…


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