I moved to Copenhagen and now live in a cute little top floor studio apartment. My entire kitchen measures about one metre wide, I have a tiny microwave-sized oven on the floor and I take out appliances and plug them in when I need them. Think Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen but nowhere near as retro and cool. Anyway, I’ve been here a few months finding my feet and settling in and all, and haven’t had much time to cook up many extravaganzas, but today I treated myself to a huge laks (salmon) from my local fisk van, and bought some organic goodies from Fotex to make up a sauce.

The recipe I used for the sauce is actually one I’ve used before, if you remember the creamy mushrooms from Three Course Extravaganza, it is pretty much the same as that, without the mushrooms. So:

Heat the pan till super hot
Pour in the oil, and immediately add chopped onion/shallot and garlic
Add a knob of butter (or coconut oil in my case) and cook a while
Reduce heat to medium
Splash in some white wine and simmer until alcohol cooks off
Pour in the cream and wait till it bubbles through to the middle
Then chuck in lemon juice and tarragon and remove from heat

My sauce actually turned purple because I had so much red onion in it (I’m still in the cooking-for-two-or-four mindset, so my estimations for one are pretty dodgy at the moment). Then I fried the salmon in coconut oil (my current obsession) and roasted some organic potatoes my good friend Mikkel gave me (he found them dumpster-diving) in balsamic vinegar and herbs.

There is a way to cook fish so it’s crispy on the outside and perfectly soft (for want of a better word) in the middle. The fillet has to be a pretty chunky one to start, then heat the pan really hot, then add the oil and fry the fish, turning it over occasionally, for maybe 5 – 9 minutes in total (depending on the size of the fish). And prod it till it feels ready. Oh, and don’t overcook it so it goes super dry and flaky – this is a waste of fish.

There may be a few more fishy posts to follow. Fish in Denmark is great, and I have plans to try out fish with mussel and clam sauce, creamy pesto and spinach fettuccine, and hollandaise!

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