Falafel is notoriously difficult to make at home, and to this day I still haven’t found a great recipe. This one worked eventually with a lot of adaptations and trial and error. The recipe is originally this one.

So a first trial, following the recipe almost exactly, give or take a few nuts and a bit of seasoning, and with doubled quantities, resulted in a sloppy mess, resembling more of a falafel soup in the pan. We attempted small falafel balls, and coated them in sesame seeds, which failed. The sesame seeds burnt or came off and the balls were too dense to cook through (though would probably work if deep fried).

Following that, we added plenty more flour to thicken the mixture, so it was less like dry hummus and more of a pâté. We used even smaller amounts, and flattened them into burgers. With plenty of hot oil  and patience, they eventually crisped up and went a nice dark brown, cooked, but still perfectly moist in the centre.

Lacking pitta bread, we used tortilla wraps, heated slightly in the oven, we made some salsa with onion, chilli and squashed tomatoes, and also had hummus (would prefer homemade if I’d had the time), spinach and cherry tomatoes. Delicious, healthy and filling!

There’s still plenty more to be learnt, falafel-wise, however, and one day I will perfect the recipe!



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