The Pumpkinerie

I love pumpkins; they are very efficient veg, every part of them can be used. The outside for halloween carving, the flesh for cooking and the seeds for roasting. This post begins with the chopping up of the pumpkin. I used half of this locally grown pumpkin to make my soup. Roasted most of the flesh with plenty of rapeseed oil, some nutmeg and cinnamon. Then in a pan, fried some onion, a chilli (grown on our windowsill), garlic, the other bits of soft pumpkin flesh, marmite and a few bits of leftover veg. Once the pumpkin roasted, added this to pan and boiled for a little while longer. Added a few fresh herbs, whizzed up then seasoned to taste. With the seeds, I left them to dry overnight, and the next day put them all in a dish, smothered them in olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme and roasted them for about 10 minutes, shaking around every so often.



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