Apple heart cupcakes

Not usually a cupcake fan (despite the alarmingly large collection of cases I’ve built up thanks to christmas presents for the past for years), I decided to see how my usual apple cake recipe would work on mini scale. The reason being that I needed to transport the cakes to Cardiff, and didn’t want to take my huge cake tin and an entire cake. I jazzed them up a little bit by cutting heart pieces of apple to go on the top, and then grated chocolate through a heart stencil over these. The chocolate didn’t work out quite how I’d imagined, I’d hope it would melt and seep over the apple heart and splay a bit onto the top of the cake, but the grated chocolate just stayed exactly as it was. Perhaps I should have put it on earlier. Here is the entire process documented in photos.

DSC_0082DSC_0088DSC_0094DSC_0095Scan 1DSC_0102DSC_0104DSC_0111DSC_0119DSC_0144DSC_0147DSC_0152DSC_0156


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