The Covean Cakery

I didn’t just spend my summer eating delicious lunches. Honoured with the title of ‘Pastry Chef’ and my very own blackboard, I got into baking in a big way. So much that I’m now quite sick of cake again. Anyway, I’ve briefly overcome my repulsion to put up some photos. The cake menu varied, though the Chewy Gingernut Cookies remained a solid fixture throughout the summer. We also had Apple Cake, German Plum Cake (my all time fave), Mary Berry’s exceptional Lemon Drizzle, Carrot & Orange Drizzle, Sticky Date Flapjacks, Banana Chocolate & Walnut Loaf and a few Coffee & Walnut Cakes. Also included, pictures of scones and teapots, because they are cute.

Coffee & Walnut CakeLemon Drizzle TraybakeCream TeaGerman Plum Cake in the makingBanana, Chocolate & Walnut LoafCake BoardTasters!German Plum CakeTeapotsBanana, Chocolate & Walnut Loaf


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