Jamie’s Delicious Apple & Blackberry Pie (with some adaptations)

My two favourite recipes of all time are Jamie’s.

They are Grilled Mushroom Risotto and Blackberry & Apple Pie. Not only are these recipes beautifully explained, and the most delicious things to ever grace our kitchen, they always work! (I’m quite a Jamie fan at the moment.)

As it is blackberry and apple season, we’ve been picking loads, and putting half of it in our new freezer. But, when I made this, I used blackberries picked fresh on the day and apples from my grandparents’ garden. To the original recipe, I added honey to the fruit, and elderberries, also picked the same day (just a few work amazingly well for the flavour). As is typical with Jamie’s recipes, they make enough to feed 8 people, so I froze the remainder of the pastry for my tarte tatin I shall soon make! His sweet shortcrust pastry recipe, by the way, is unbelievably good – doesn’t break at all!

As this isn’t one of my own recipes and I’m no longer fussed about getting brilliant photos for my book, I’ll post a whole load of photos showing the entire process! Friday night, we had it with custard, tonight, with vanilla ice-cream. Soon to be goooooone!



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