Chewy Gingernut Biscuits

 I think these are the ultimate home cookie recipe for several reasons. All the ingredients are fairly household, so there is no need for a big cookie-ingredient-shop involving cranberries and white chocolate or whatever. You can make up the main dry mix in big batches and store it for future use – a very efficient way to bake! They have ginger and spices in, which makes them kind of healthy. The recipe I’m working on now makes loads out of seemingly nothing. They are delicious and chewy but not too soft and pathetic, and they stay chewy after they’ve cooled and been put somewhere to store (if you manage not to eat them all on the first day, that is – impressive!)


2 thoughts on “Chewy Gingernut Biscuits

    • Ah, I’m not actually making all this food today, but my computer broke for about a week, and got my new hard drive yesterday, so uploaded all the photos at once!

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