Soupe à l’oignon

So today I was, once again, on my own for dinner. I scanned the kitchen for interesting food, but nothing. Not even a potato! The one thing we did have, was 4 onions, and it just so happens that onion soup (the French way) requires no potato! It pretty much requires onion, butter, water, stock, herbs, bread and cheese. This mixture may sound appalling at first, but trust me, the final result is delicious! So, as you may have guessed, I made la soupe à l’oignon pour le dîner!


4 thoughts on “Soupe à l’oignon

    • Haha, yes Joe, you’ll have to buy the recipe book once I’ve written it! (It’ll be super cheap cause I’m not looking to make a profit!)
      Although, I may need some people to test out the finalised recipes before I put them in the book, to ensure that others can follow the instructions to get the same result. Wanna be a tester? 😛

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